Monday, November 19, 2018

US department of treasury secretly sells american children for different kinds of adoptions and slaveries.

As we know, when two parents are separated or divorced and their kids were hostaged by ACS and Jews-then after a while, ACS may come again. This has happened with several families. These families keep getting problems with ACS. Princess Claire had investigated that this had come from US department of treasury. They had stolen the money design that they are printing, they are not letting other people in USA have it and in addition, they are being greedy-where banks already started to close down. And if things are getting worse, then it comes down to kids where kids are being taken away to robbers and billionaires who were able to make money from US department of treasury by secretly printing it out through the treasury or by having close contacts with people who work there. Its time to print new money and Princess Claire is thinking on her new money design.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Julie Chichelnitsky Plazinsky/Unity DuPont was picked up from whore's house.

Today,Princess Claire was going to visit her step parents.When she came there -her step dad was hallucinating at her as if she was working at Long Island's who're house and obviously Princess Claire does not work there. Afterwards,Princess Claire went into investigation about this with authorities. She has found out that Julie Chichelnitsky Plazinsky was taken out from a whore's house into foster family with Alexandra Lisyansky as her mom and her real mom was a prostitute who passed away due to a disease that she caught from her sex partner and left her in the strip club growing up and Alexandra Lisyansky picked her up,because Arkady Chichelnitsky who Alexandra Lisyansky was married to decided to foster Julie and raise her into a woman,who apparently is not her real father. However, he fell in love with Julie and abused Alexandra Lisyansky instead. Now,he wants Julie as his wife-where she would love to become his wife.Since,she really loved him regardless...He was her dream her entire life and now her dream has come true.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Getting scammed by Talus Payments.

Princess Claire was working with her business client. Afterwards,when she had finished with her client,someone approached her from Talus Payments to change the credit card machine company. After she signed up,she checked her bank account-it was over$200 missing and Talus had removed her money without her permission. Princess Claire will be contacting an attorney general.

The corporate deals can be triggered by competitions,but there are ways where you can successfully end up working in the corporation...

The corporation operates in its own ways from regular businesses. It depends on what influence that it want to operate under and what employees,services and department they would want to have in it. Its not a free market,its called corporation.
And there are many of you who would like to work in the corporation,since you had spent your time and money in college to study. So,this is what you should do :
1)do the research what corporations would want to have your services.
You can do this through social media,colleagues,classmates,old friends who of course would be honest for you and who would want good for you and won't be competing with you in the end. Trustworthy friend is a key.
2)Once you had finished up with step one successfully,now you can write to those corporation and ask them whether or not they are looking for someone for hire. If they do,then from the third person on your side through friendly meeting and recommendation of your previous experiences where you had worked before,you pass your resume
 The manager will look through resume and recommendation, if its eye catching to them-they will consider you for interview if they do look for hire and if not,they will call you up for interview once someone will be needed. If you were called up for interview-good luck to get hired and if not,then you should continue looking.
3)What if you had been selected for the interview and they really got interested in you. You must prepare yourself well.
Do shopping and find good business suit for your interview that will look good on you. Consult the stylist with the dress code for you.Do the appointment to beauty and hair salon to look good facially. Practice your communication skills in front of your mirror and see how you will present yourself in front of the manager. Practice your communication skills with your friends or past college professor. See how you sound and work on your mistakes.
Confidence is the key here,don't forget.If manager senses your nervousness,manager may not hire you.So,be friendly,busy and outgoing,and confident.
Once manager sees that in the interview -manager will more than likely want to hire you without letting you go to wait for their phone call. In case,manager said that its not what they are looking for as you are presenting yourself -then you should practice more and good luck on finding another opportunity that fits for what you want to do. However,if manager hired you right away,congrats!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Funding is not an easy thing for your business,but you still have to...

Most successful entrepreneurs who had running their businesses for years, had experienced tough times funding their employees in the beginning since the establishment of their business. So,they still had to fund them and dealt with the financial hardships regardless,but how?
There is the thing called funding on the side, where the manager or business owner can run for their businesses. Currently,Kira Realty is working on this program. You can find out more by calling 347-820-4370.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Natasha Himmler had hypnotized Mussolini to get rid of Princess Claire in the past life...

Natasha Himmler is another character who has not reincarnated and was in hiding with the rest of the characters since world war 2. Her real name was Rachel Mussolini.
She was the wife of Mussolini in the past. princess Claire was the daughter of Rachel and Benito Mussolini-Edda Mussolini. However,Benito Mussolini was madly in love with his daughter Edda Mussolini and they died for each other. During, the life of marriage, Rachel was getting jealous of her daughter Edda-because of that strong bond between her and her father. Thus,Rachel had secretly hypnotized Benito to abuse Edda-where he would get out at Princess Claire in this life as father abuser. This is why Princess Claire grew up without her real father and mother.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rothschild had paid Medina family to build business mentoring services with Princess Claire and then trash her...

When Princess Claire had gotten with her boyfriend John,he had introduced her to his friend Isabel Medina Curtiz who was abandoned by her family and married to an old Jew Ken Curtis. She lives with him in Little Neck,Long Island.After Princess Claire have got to know her and she has gotten to know Princess Claire,Isabel started to threaten Princess Claire -that she will kill Princess Claire.Princess Claire have got authorities against Isabel Medina and they went into further investigations about this incident. Authorities had discovered that Isabel Medina was abandoned by her own family against Princess Claire,because Rothschild had paid Medina family who are from Dominican Republic to build business mentoring services by gaining her trust and recognition,and then trash her for kill.